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Care Guide

Wesbury jewellery is made to a high standard, by using the finest selection of materials and expert craftsmanship. However like all luxury products, quality goods still need tender loving care.

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Care Instructions

Tips to ensure your precious jewellery lasts a lifetime.

Storage: Many of our pieces are made with real shells and exquisite baroque pearls which are delicate in nature. Protect your jewellery by individually storing each piece in our Wesbury box or soft pouch to avoid breakage, scratching or tangling. Store all pieces in a cool, dry place, and keep them sealed if they are not worn for a period of time.

Protect Your Jewellery: Although our jewellery is made to last, it will get damaged if it is not taken care properly. Protect them by avoiding extreme temperatures, hard impacts, scratching, chemicals and any substance that aren't PH neutral, such as perfumes and lotions. We recommend removing your jewelry when bathing, exercising, and in sea or chlorinated water.

Cleaning Your Jewellery: Periodically wipe your pieces gently with a jewellery cloth to remove any unwanted chemicals/moisture on the surface of your jewellery and prolong it's shine. Although toothpaste may help restore shine to our gold-filled pieces, be sure to avoid any contact with pearls. Rinse your jewellery under fresh water to remove any dirt, or if you go swimming in them.